Danone Nations Cup

The Danone Nations Cup is the largest global football tournament for children aged 10 – 12, promoting healthy habits and inspiring children to become world citizens.

For over 20 years, the Danone Nations Cup has been much more than an international football competition, allowing kids from all over the world to discover new places and cultures, and promoting values such as respect, humanism, Fair Play, and openness. Over 2 million children from 27 countries take part in the Danone Nations Cup each year.

The tournament aims to bring Danone’s ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision to life by inspiring children to ‘Play Football, Change the Game’: to develop healthy, sustainable and inclusive behaviours and to promote societal change through football as the future generation of world citizens.

In England, Danone have partnered with the English Schools’ Football Association to run the Danone Nations Cup with children under the age of 11.

Every year around 4,000 primary schools compete in the U11 national tournaments which culminate with the Danone Nations Cup England Final.

The winners of the Inter-Association Trophy and the School’s Cup for Girls then represent England at the Danone Nations Cup World Final, a once in a lifetime experience to travel to an international football stadium and compete against other young football players from all around the world.

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