Eat Like A Champ at the House of Commons

Published on 16th January 2015

Members of Parliament and their teams of local schoolchildren have put their nutrition knowledge to the test in a quiz within the House of Commons to promote healthy eating and hydration amongst young people.

Rob Flello (Chair of the All-Party Group for Adult and Child Obesity) and Steve Pound, MP for Ealing North teamed up with pupils from Featherstone Primary, Berrymede Junior School and Horsenden Primary for the quiz, which was chaired by London deputy mayor Lady Victoria Borwick.

The quiz was organised by the Eat Like A Champ programme, a Change4Life partner scheme designed to promote healthy diet and lifestyles amongst primary school pupils aged nine and 10 years. Pupils and MPs participated in six rounds of questions testing their knowledge of healthy eating, hydration and nutrition. The quiz was organised to coincide with the launch of National Obesity Awareness Week, which is led by the National Obesity Forum.

The Eat Like A Champ programme is run by Danone and was developed in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation.

The National Child Measurement Programme reported in December 2014 that 33.5 per cent of Year 6 children (aged 10-11) were considered either overweight or obese.


Professor David Haslam, Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said:

“The findings of the National Child Measurement Programme were shocking but sadly not unexpected. There are too many young people who are not being exposed to the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity, particularly in deprived areas. Instead, they are largely sedentary and much of their diet consists of poor quality foods that are high in calories, sugars and trans-fats. This has consequences for children’s long-term health outcomes.

We need to break this pattern and initiatives like Eat Like A Champ are vital in educating our young people about good nutrition and hydration habits. I’m very grateful to them for organising this event, and to all of the participating MPs and Lady Borwick. They’re not just being good sports – they’re helping to get across a really important message.”


Rob Flello MP, Chair of the All-Party Group for Adult and Child Obesity, said:

“Schemes like Eat Like A Champ and other Change4Life partner programmes are very important in helping young people have the best start in life. I hope the pupils taking part in today’s quiz enjoy being in Parliament and it’s important we use this opportunity to underline how crucial healthy eating is for young people.”


Adam Grant, Managing Director of Danone Ltd, said:

“Danone’s mission is to bring health through food and drink to as many people as possible. Therefore, I am delighted for Eat Like A Champ to support such an important initiative as NOAW. I am extremely proud of the Eat Like A Champ students who have demonstrated great enthusiasm and nutrition knowledge today. These children are true healthy eating champs.”


The National Obesity Forum is encouraging members of the public to commit to New Year’s Resolutions during National Obesity Awareness Week that will improve their health. |

For further information about the quiz and National Obesity Awareness Week please contact Chris Rogers (020 7793 2536 / 07720 054189 / or Mayar Raouf (020 7463 0698 /