Welcome to Eat Like A Champ!

Eat Like A Champ is a healthy eating education programme for 9 and 10 year olds (Year 5 / Primary 6 / P6 pupils) run by teachers in their primary schools. The programme has been developed by Danone in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation, the British Dietetic Association and Hubbub. Independent evaluations in 2012, 2016 and 2018 demonstrated that children who took part in Eat Like A Champ shifted their behaviours towards healthier eating habits.

In 2020, the Eat Like A Champ programme was updated to explore aspects of sustainability, with the purpose of helping children understand what they can do to help look after the planet in terms of food choices, recycling and reducing food waste.

To make the six Eat Like A Champ lessons as fun and engaging as possible – your involvement is key! You can visit this website each week to find out what your child has been learning and keep an eye out for our family tips, activities and recipes.

At the start of the Eat Like A Champ programme your child will receive a homework passport, containing six tasks for them to complete.